4D/5D/6D analysis


The true power of BIM are 4D, 5D and 6D analysis. 3D models and the time from baseline schedule, as a result, can enable 4D analysis in which you can see the entire construction sequence as a video file. The best time to start with 4D is at the end of the design phase because all spotted mistakes can quickly be incorporated into the model and into the baseline schedule. The general purpose of 4D is a possibility to see how construction will look like and to optimize activities in order to save the time and money. Usually, after a 4D simulation in the model, we have some 3D elements that Baseline schedule did not predict this can be a huge cost if you don’t spot at the time. As part of 4D service is an option that our BIM manage follow construction works and create planned vs actual analysis beside all other activities.


5D analysis brings detailed cost information to the project. In order to predict ROI (return on investment) point we will need detailed cost information (construction cost – equipment cost, labor cost, material cost, etc.). A 5D analysis will also upgrade BoQ and BoM documents.


6D generally is linked with project life-cycle management information trough As-Built models. Correction made during construction will be the part of an As-Built model, but we can also include information like: Product data and details, maintenance/operation manuals, photos, warranty data, web links to product online sources, manufacturer information, contacts, etc.